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About PrepTalk

I launched PrepTalk in 2012 after a 20-year career helping leaders communicate better. The thing I learned is that no matter the professional success or location on the org chart, nearly everyone faces some barrier to communicating as clearly and confidently as they'd like.​


For years, I watched these truly talented executives approach presentation training with an almost apologetic stance - as though they should have come into their professional world fully ready to kill a keynote and speak in any situation without nerves or uncertainty. But the reality is that the elements that make a great speaker - authenticity, confidence, clarity (and about 20 other qualities!) - are not those that come naturally to most of us.  The trick to being great is to keep that center of authenticity - so that you can still communicate clearly and confidently and in a compelling way - but you don't ever need to feel like you are faking it.​

PrepTalk Consulting still offers a range of corporate training programs for executives, teams and individuals, but in 2023 I launched The PrepTalk Confidence Lab, specifically to focus on those speakers who want to take the time to really get better at this whole public speaking thing. You can learn more about the thinking behind this in the Confidence Lab Manifesto.


Regardless of the approach - a half-day corporate training program, or a 12-week Confidence Cohort - every PrepTalk client  experiences a bespoke training geared to where *you* are. There is no rinse-and-repeat training here. Think of PrepTalk as your personal trainer - handing you weights and stretching exercises customized to your unique level of experience. A strong focus on on-camera practice means participants walk away with not only some intensive practice, but with an increased level of self-awareness. Sessions are fun and engaging - but also challenging and thought-provoking.


"Strengthening your presentation muscles isn't about fixing what's wrong;

it's about making yourself strong where it matters." ~ Kirsten Birkeland

B. Sloane, T-Mobile

“Kirsten has a wonderful presence and ability to share feedback in a way that puts everyone at ease."

C. Sanderson, Microsoft

"Every team member told me how much they valued Kirsten’s input and how much more confident they felt. Everyone agreed that Kirsten was an integral part of our success.”."

J. Hayes, Nike

"Kirsten came in to help our team improve their business communications and it was clear that when it came time for me to deliver a global speech, Kirsten was the one I wanted to work with."


Communications training for teams & executives
AMD                                    Ameriprise
Big Commerce                   BMC Software
Citizen Inc.                          Cleanwell
CMD                                    EcoTrust

Freshwater Trust                 Gemalto

Glaxo Smith Kline               InMobi Software

Janrain                                 Lam Research

Lee Weinstein Co.              LG

Mercy Corps                       Microsoft
Moss Adams                       NatureWorks
Nike                                     The New Group
Novartis                               Oregon State Univ.
Oregon Story Board           Planar Systems
PotlatchDeltic                     Providence Hospitals
Ruby Receptionists     
Segment                             Shield Banking
Skyward                              T-Mobile
Tillamook                           TEDx Speaker Series
Twilio                                  Vigilant
Waggener Edstrom          Webtrends

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